KAR help


Browsing is a good way to access documents if you don't have a specific idea of what you're looking for. You can browse by person, their Kent email address, year, division (ie academic school, centre or service department), subject, journal title, project or funding body. Click the Browse tab to select this function.


Searching is available from the KAR home page, or at any time from the search box in the top right hand corner of the screen. Simple and advanced search are available; simple search is the default, click Advanced search to carry out more complex searches.

If you are using advanced search and are not sure about the format you should input your query, click the question mark icon to the right of the relevant field for guidance.

Logging in

Logging in with your University of Kent username and password will give you access to deposit your work in KAR. Click Login at the top right of the screen.

Depositing items

Download the Getting started with KAR guide (pdf) for help with the inputting process.

Further information is available about the KAR Content Policy. For more information on how to ascertain the copyright or intellectual property of a work see the section "How can I ensure I have copyright clearance?" on the KAR Library page.

Take-down policy

All breaches of the University's IT Regulations are taken extremely seriously. Notifications of copyright or intellectual property right infringements are subject to the KAR Take-down policy

Adding your publications in KAR to your staff profile page

Your departmental web publisher can easily pull a list of your publications within KAR into your staff profile page on the website of your academic school or department using the KAR list snippet. As an example, see Professor Sally Sheldon’s staff profile page

This list will be dynamically updated every time you change your work in KAR. Specific options such as the number of entries to be shown and date periods can also be set.

Advice on using the KAR list snippet is available in the Kent on the Web knowledgebase.

The KAR list snippet works best when embedded within the Staff Profile snippet; advice on using the Staff Profile snippet is also available.