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How has America been depicted in videogames?

Dr John Wills, University of Kent

How has America been depicted in videogames?

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John Wills's exhibit explores videogame depictions of the frontier and urban west

Playing Cowboys and Criminals: Videogame Depictions of the Frontier and Urban West

John Wills’s research explores depictions of America in popular videogames from the 1970s onwards, focusing on ‘Wild West’ titles such as The Oregon Trail (1971), an educational adventure used to teach the history of the frontier, as well as games based on the modern American city, such as LA Noire (2011).

Dr John Wills is a Reader in American History and Culture at the University of Kent
Research Award: British Academy / Leverhulme Small Research Grant 2016

Showcase opening times: Friday 22-Saturday 23 June,11am - 5pm

Late-night view: Friday 22nd June, 6.30-9pm  

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An interactive timeline of American life depicted in video games

Floor Plan:

You'll find this exhibit at Point 5 in the No.11 Reception on the Ground Floor. Download our programme to plan your visit.

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