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How to Persuade Government Officials to Grant Interviews and Share Information for Your Research

Irene S. Wua1 and Bojan Savića2

a1 Working Group on Practicing Politics; U.S. Federal Communications Commission; and Georgetown University

a2 University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies

Rick Farmer's article focuses on ways in which academic political scientists can influence policymakers. At the Toronto meeting of the Working Group on Practicing Politics, government political scientists also recognized that academics often are frustrated by the process of getting information from the government and cooperation from officials.

Irene S. Wu is a research director in the international section of the Federal Communications Commission, although the views expressed in this article are her own and not of the FCC. She is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. She can be reached at

Bojan Savić teaches quantitative methods of analysis in international studies at the University of Kent (Brussels School of International Studies), where he is also completing a Ph.D. on the application of game theory to the study of international military alliances and, more specifically, NATO civilian and military transformation in the post-Cold War period. He also teaches at the Vesalius College of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He can be reached at