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Mortier, Angela M. J. and Serjeant, Stephen and Dunlop, James S. and Scott, S.E. and Ade, P. and Alexander, D.M. and Almaini, O. and Aretxaga, Itziar and Baugh, C. and Benson, Andrew J. and Best, P.N. and Blain, A. and Bock, J. and Borys, C. and Bressan, A. and Carilli, C. and Chapin, Edward L. and Chapman, S.C. and Clements, David L. and Coppin, Kirsten and Crawford, M. and Devlin, M. and Dicker, S. and Dunne, Loretta and Eales, Stephen A. and Edge, A.C. and Farrah, Duncan and Fox, M. and Frenk, C. and Gaztanaga, Enrique and Gear, W.K. and Gonzales-Solares, E. and Granato, G.L. and Greve, T.R. and Grimes, J.A. and Gundersen, J. and Halpern, Mark and Hargrave, P. and Hughes, D.H. and Ivison, R.J. and Jarvis, Matt J. and Jenness, T. and Jimenez, R. and van Kampen, E. and King, A. and Lacey, C. and Lawrence, A. and Lepage, K. and Mann, Robert G. and Marsden, G. and Mauskopf, P. and Netterfield, B. and Oliver, Seb and Olmi, L. and Page, M.J. and Peacock, J.A. and Pearson, Chris P. and Percival, W.J. and Pope, A. and Priddey, Robert and Rawlings, Steve and Roche, N.D. and Robinson, M.R. and Scott, D. and Sekiguchi, K. and Seigar, Marc and Silva, L. and Simpson, C. and Smail, I. and Stevens, J.A. and Takagi, Toshinobu and Tucker, G. and Vlahakis, C. and Waddington, I. and Wagg, J. and Watson, M. and Willott, C. and Vaccari, M. (2005) The SCUBA half-degree extragalactic survey - I. Survey motivation, design and data processing. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 363 (2). pp. 563-580. ISSN 0035-8711. (The full text of this publication is not available from this repository)

Rowan-Robinson, Michael and Lari, Carlo and Perez-Fournon, Ismael and Gonzalez-Solares, Eduardo and La Franca, Fabio and Vaccari, Mattia and Oliver, Seb and Gruppioni, Carlotta and Ciliegi, P. and Heraudeau, Philippe and Serjeant, Stephen and Efstathiou, Andreas and Babbedge, Tom and Matute, I. and Pozzi, Francesca and Franceschini, Alberto and Vaisanen, P. and Afonso-Luis, Aleiandro and Alexander, D.M. and Almaini, O. and Baker, A.C. and Basilakos, S. and Barden, M. and del Burgo, C. and Bellas-Velidis, I. and Cabrera-Guerra, F. and Carballo, R. and Cesarsky, C.J. and Clements, David L. and Crockett, H. and Danese, Luigi and Dapergolas, A. and Drolias, B. and Eaton, N. and Egami, E. and Elbaz, D. and Fadda, D. and Fox, M. and Genzel, R. and Goldschmidt, P. and Gonzalez-Serrano, J.I. and Graham, M. and Granato, G.L. and Hatziminaoglou, Evanthia and Herbstmeier, U. and Joshi, M. and Kontizas, E. and Kontizas, M. and Kotilainen, Jari K. and Kunze, D. and Lawrence, Andrew D. and Lemke, D. and Linden-Vornle, M.J.D. and Mann, Robert G. and Marquez, I. and Masegosa, J. and McMahon, R.G. and Miley, G. and Missoulis, V. and Mobasher, B. and Morel, Thierry and Norgaard-Nielsen, H. and Omont, A. and Papadopoulos, P. and Puget, J.L. and Rigopoulou, D. and Rocca-Volmerange, B. and Sedgwick, Nicola and Silva, L. and Sumner, T. and Surace, C. and Vila-Vilaro, B. and van der Werf, P. and Verma, A. and Vigroux, L. and Villar-Martin, M. and Willott, C.J. and Carraminana, A. and Mujica, Raul (2004) The European Large-Area ISO Survey (ELAIS): the final band-merged catalogue. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 351 (4). pp. 1290-1306. ISSN 0035-8711. (The full text of this publication is not available from this repository)

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