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Schipper, J. and Chanson, J.S. and Chiozza, F. and Cox, N.A. and Hoffmann, M. and Katariya, V. and Lamoreux, J. and Rodrigues, A.S.L. and Stuart, S.N. and Temple, H.J. and Baillie, J. and Boitani, L. and Lacher, T.E. and Mittermeier, R.A. and Smith, A.T. and Absolon, D. and Aguiar, J.M. and Amori, G. and Bakkour, N. and Baldi, R. and Berridge, R.J. and Bielby, J. and Black, P.A. and Blanc, J.J. and Brooks, T.M. and Burton, J.A. and Butynski, T.M. and Catullo, G. and Chapman, R. and Cokeliss, Z. and Collen, B. and Conroy, J. and Cooke, J.G. and da Fonseca, G.A.B. and Derocher, A.E. and Dublin, H.T. and Duckworth, J.W. and Emmons, L. and Emslie, R.H. and Festa-Bianchet, M. and Foster, M. and Foster, S. and Garshelis, D.L. and Gates, C. and Gimenez-Dixon, M. and Gonzalez, S. and Gonzalez-Maya, J.F. and Good, T.C. and Hammerson, G. and Hammond, P.S. and Happold, D. and Happold, M. and Hare, J. and Harris, R.B. and Hawkins, C.E. and Haywood, M. and Heaney, L.R. and Hedges, S. and Helgen, K.M. and Hilton-Taylor, C. and Hussain, S.A. and Ishii, N. and Jefferson, T.A. and Jenkins, R.K.B. and Johnston, C.H. and Keith, M. and Kingdon, J. and Knox, D.H. and Kovacs, K.M. and Langhammer, P. and Leus, K. and Lewison, R. and Lichtenstein, G. and Lowry, L.F. and Macavoy, Z. and Mace, G.M. and Mallon, D.P. and Masi, M. and McKnight, M.W. and Medellin, R.A. and Medici, P. and Mills, G. and Moehlman, P.D. and Molur, S. and Mora, A. and Nowell, K. and Oates, J.F. and Olech, W. and Oliver, W.R.L. and Oprea, M. and Patterson, B.D. and Perrin, W.F. and Polidoro, B.A. and Pollock, C. and Powel, A. and Protas, Y. and Racey, P. and Ragle, J. and Ramani, P. and Rathbun, G. (2008) The status of the world's land and marine mammals: Diversity, threat, and knowledge. Science, 322 (5899). pp. 225-230. ISSN 0036-8075. (The full text of this publication is not available from this repository)

Boulton, A. and Boyd, P. and Cheng, K.K and Cooke, J.G. and Gilman, E.A and Lunt, C. and Mahler, H. and Walker, C and Wardroper, M. and Darbyshire, P.J. and Hill, F.G.H. and Mann, J.R. and Morland, B. and Raafat, F. and Stevens, M.C.G. and Ahmed, A. and Amos, P. and Bone, V. and Bonney, S. and Bray, M. and Cambouropoulos, P. and Cook, S. and Day, N. and Elkins, S. and Hensel, F. and Lucas, P. and Pettinger, J. and Pugsley, M. and Ruja, E. and Skinner, J. and Williams, D. and Braodbent, V. and Williams, M. and Alcock, M. and Bell, K. and Buchan, M. and Cartwright, R. and Cusack, H. and Fear, N. and Griffiths, S. and Jarvis, J. and Johnson, P. and Kane, E. and Law, G. and Moorman, A. and Prajapati, J. and Roberts, P. and Roman, E. and Simpson, J. and Sinclair, V. and Staines, A. and Thackrah, C. and Thistlethwaite, S. and Waller, B. and Bailey, C. and Kinsey, S. and Lewis, I. and Picton, S. and Squire, R. and Taylor, R. and Beck, J.M. and Doran, R.M.L. and Livingston, J.H. and Van Hille, P. and Beddis, I. and Cameron, M.M. and Craft, A. and Hale, J. and Kernahan, J. and Reid, M. and Windebank, K. and Pearson, A. and Skinner, R. and Marks, S. and Achilles, J. and Alam, S. and Birch, J.M. and Blair, V. and Buckley, B. and Clarkson, M. and Eden, O.B. and Howell, S. and Kellaway, C. and Lashford, L. and Leeke, S. and Leggett, P. and Murphy, A.V. and O'Rorke, C. and Panton, S. and Paxon, J. and Pots, H. and Roberts, C. and Rothwell, J. and Stephenson, W. and Whelpton, B. and Caswell, M. and McDowell, H. and Pizer, B.L. and Gattamaneri, R. and Brock, J. (2000) The United Kingdom Childhood Cancer Study: objectives, materials and methods. British Journal of Cancer, 82 (5). pp. 1073-1102. ISSN 0007-0920. (The full text of this publication is not available from this repository)

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