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Hillier, L.W. and Miller, W. and Birney, E. and Warren, W. and Hardison, R.C. and Ponting, C.P. and Bork, P. and Burt, D.W. and Groenen, M.A.M. and Delany, M.E. and Dodgson, J.B. and Chinwalla, A.T. and Cliften, P.F. and Clifton, S.W. and Delehaunty, K.D. and Fronick, C. and Fulton, R.S. and Graves, T.A. and Kremitzki, C. and Layman, D. and Magrini, V. and McPherson, J.D. and Miner, T.L. and Minx, P. and Nash, W.E. and Nhan, M.N. and Nelson, J.O. and Oddy, L.G. and Pohl, C.S. and Randall-Maher, J. and Smith, S.M. and Wallis, J.W. and Yang, S.P. and Romanov, M.N. and Rondelli, C.M. and Paton, B. and Smith, J. and Morrice, D. and Daniels, L. and Tempest, H.G. and Robertson, L. and Masabanda, J.S. and Griffin, D.K. and Vignal, A. and Fillon, V. and Jacobbson, L. and Kerje, S. and Andersson, L. and Crooijmans, R.P. and Aerts, J. and van der Poel, J.J. and Ellegren, H. and Caldwell, R.B. and Hubbard, S.J. and Grafham, D.V. and Kierzek, A.M. and McLaren, S.R. and Overton, I.M. and Arakawa, H. and Beattie, K.J. and Bezzubov, Y. and Boardman, P.E. and Bonfield, J.K. and Croning, M.D. and Davies, R.M. and Francis, M.D. and Humphray, S.J. and Scott, C.E. and Taylor, R.G. and Tickle, C. and Brown, W.R. and Rogers, J. and Buerstedde, J.M. and Wilson, S.A. and Stubbs, L. and Ovcharenko, I. and Gordon, L. and Lucas, S. and Miller, M.M. and Inoko, H. and Shiina, T. and Kaufman, J. and Salomonsen, J. and Skjoedt, K. and Wong, G.K. and Wang, J. and Liu, B. and Wang, J. and Yu, J. and Yang, H. and Nefedov, M. and Koriabine, M. and Dejong, P.J. and Goodstadt, L. and Webber, C. and Dickens, N.J. and Letunic, I. and Suyama, M. and Torrents, D. and von Mering, C. and Zdobnov, E.M. and Makova, K. and Nekrutenko, A. and Elnitski, L. and Eswara, P. and King, D.C. and Yang, S. and Tyekucheva, S. and Radakrishnan, A. and Harris, R.S. and Chiaromonte, F. and Taylor, J. and He, J. and Rijnkels, M. and Griffiths-Jones, S. and Ureta-Vidal, A. and Hoffman, M.M. and Severin, J. and Searle, S.M. and Law, A.S. and Speed, D. and Waddington, D. and Cheng, Z. and Tuzun, E. and Eichler, E. and Bao, Z. and Flicek, P. and Shteynberg, D.D. and Brent, M.R. and Bye, J.M. and Huckle, E.J. and Chatterjee, S. and Dewey, C. and Pachter, L. and Kouranov, A. and Mourelatos, Z. and Hatzigeorgiou, A.G. and Paterson, A.H. and Ivarie, R. and Brandstrom, M. and Axelsson, E. and Backstrom, N. and Berlin, S. and Webster, M.T. and Pourquie, O. and Reymond, A. and Ucla, C. and Antonarakis, S.E. and Long, M. and Emerson, J.J. and Betran, E. and Dupanloup, I. and Kaessmann, H. and Hinrichs, A.S. and Bejerano, G. and Furey, T.S. and Harte, R.A. and Raney, B. and Siepel, A. and Kent, W.J. and Haussler, D. and Eyras, E. and Castelo, R. and Abril, J.F. and Castellano, S. and Camara, F. and Parra, G. and Guigo, R. and Bourque, G. and Tesler, G. and Pevzner, P.A. and Smit, A. and Fulton, L.A. and Mardis, E.R. and Wilson, R.K. (2004) Sequence and comparative analysis of the chicken genome provide unique perspectives on vertebrate evolution. Nature, 432 . pp. 695-716. (Access to this publication is restricted)

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