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Webster, R. and Lawson, A.B. and Glasbey, C. and Horgan, G. and Elston, D. and Host, G. and Mugglestone, M.A. and Kenward, M.G. and Kent, J.T. and Stein, A. and Clifford, P. and Ledford, A.W. and Marriott, P.K. and Aitkin, M. and Atkinson, A.C. and Boskov, M. and Kelsall, J. and Wakefield, J. and Bowman, A. and Casson, E. and Cressie, N. and Denison, D.G.T. and Mallick, B.K. and Dixon, P. and Scott, M. and Haas, T.C. and Handcock, M.S. and Holmes, C.C. and Laslett, G. and Lele, S. and Nadarajah, S. and O'Hagan, A. and Pettitt, A.N. and Hay, J. and Richardson, S. and Stein, M. and Stoyan, D. and Williams, C.K.I. (1998) Model-based geostatistics - Discussion. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C-Applied Statistics, 47 (3). pp. 326-350. ISSN 0035-9254. (The full text of this publication is not available from this repository)

Robert, C.P. and Aitkin, M. and Cox, D.R. and Stephens, M. and Polymenis, A. and Gilks, W.R. and Nobile, A. and Hodgson, M. and Ohagan, A. and Longford, N.T. and Dawid, A.P. and Atkinson, A.C. and Bernardo, J.M. and Besag, J. and Brooks, S.P. and Byers, S. and Raftery, A. and Celeux, G. and Cheng, R.C.H. and Liu, W.B. and Chien, Y.H. and George, E.I. and Cressie, N. and Huang, H.C. and Gruet, M.A. and Heath, S.C. and Jennison, C. and Lawson, A.B. and Clark, A. and McLachlan, G. and Peel, D. and Mengersen, K. and George, A. and Philippe, A. and Roeder, K. and Wasserman, L. and Schlattmann, P. and Bohning, D. and Titterington, D.M. and Tong, H.W. and West, M.J. (1997) On Bayesian analysis of mixtures with an unknown number of components - Discussion. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B-Statistical Methodology, 59 (4). pp. 758-792. ISSN 0035-9246. (The full text of this publication is not available from this repository)

Grieve, A.P. and Pocock, S.J. and Abrams, K.R. and Ashby, C. and Healy, M.J.R. and Jennison, C. and Lewis, J.A. and Lindley, D.V. and Machin, C. and Newman, G.B. and Bather, J.A. and Bailey, R.A. and Evans, S.J.W. and Keiding, N. and Matthews, J.N.S. and Gore, S.M. and Senn, S. and Herson, J. and Turnbull, B.W. and Altman, D.G. and Armitage, P. and Atkinson, A.C. and Berry, D.A and Buyse, M.E. and Carlin, B.P. and Demets, D.L. and Dempster, A.P. and Dunstan, F.D.J. and Ellenberg, S.S. and Fayers, P. and Gail, M.H. and George, S.L. and Greenhouse, J.B. and Wasserman, L.A. and Harrell, F.E. and Joseph, L. and Shapiro, S.H. and Kadane, J.B. and Lehmann, H.P. and Marubini, E. and Mariani, L. and Pater, J.L. and Pettit, L.I. and Young, K.D.S. and Rosner, G.L. and Whitehead, J. and Wieand, H.S. (1994) Bayesian Approaches to Randomized Trails - Discusion. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series a-Statistics in Society, 157 . pp. 387-416. ISSN 0035-9238. (The full text of this publication is not available from this repository)


Engel, B. and Keen, A. and Clayton, D. and Londford, N.T. and Kuba, J. and Firth, D. and Draper, D. and Atkinson, A.C. and Raab, G.M. and Parpia, T. and Choy, S.T.B. and Smith, A.F.M. and Dale, J.R. and Shephard, N. and Ball, R.D. and Breslow, N.E. and Ekholm, A. and Gelman, A. and Langford, I.H. and Morris, C.N. and Preece, D.A. and Seu, P.K. and Smith, R.L. and Thompson, R. and Walker, S.G. and Mallick, B.K. and Lee, Y. and Nelder, J.A. (1996) Hierarchical generalized linear models - Discussion. Discussion paper. Blackwell publ LTD (The full text of this publication is not available from this repository)

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